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Go with good and true.

World-class writers and editors tell your story through brand journalism.

Content is king.

Your website attracts more visitors when it has relevant, valuable, and shareable content that search engines can index and understand. Don’t believe us?

An analysis of over 1 million Google Search results reveals:


Relevance Matters

Content rated as “topically relevant” (via MarketMuse), significantly outperforms content that doesn’t cover a topic in depth.

Content Topic Authority Data - Begin Bound Brand Journalism Services
Content Total Word Content Data - Begin Bound Brand Journalism Services

Length Matters

The word count of an average Google first-page result is 1,890 words. Longer content also generates more social shares.

Sharing Matters

Search engine algorithms prioritize backlinks, the number and significance of sites that link to your page. Your content has to make readers, especially influentials, want to share it.

External Backlink Data - Begin Bound Brand Journalism Services

But here’s a dirty secret about content marketing.

Many companies and agencies that offer “content marketing” rip off people like you. Their writers plagiarize from other content marketers. Their editors miss glaring errors in spelling and grammar. Their content is too short, not in-depth and doesn’t help your search ranking. It’s mindless drivel and a pitiful industry.

In short, you’re charged for garbage.

Our Difference

Pros for your prose.

Begin Bound writers and editors hold degrees from the world’s best English and journalism colleges. They work with the nation’s top newspapers and magazines. You deserve people who deal with deadlines, grammar, and concepts in a style unrivaled by entry-level scribes.

Our Process

We pair you with a world-class editor. He or she learns your brand’s attributes and goals and then oversees all material to ensure ideas and tone fit your vision.

No Sentence Unchecked - Begin Bound Brand Journalism Services

No sentence unchecked

Your editor and writers fact-check every post for accuracy. They edit for both style and grammar. (Did Andrew only like Abigail, or did Andrew like only Abigail?) They review every verb and adjective to find vivid language. When a story deserves a phone interview, a writer experienced with celebrity and CEO profiles makes the call.
Clear Communication - Begin Bound Brand Journalism Services

Clear Communication

We manage your brand stories through Asana, an industry-leading project management system. If you want to track time, we utilize software to provide accountability and reports as needed.

Our Service

Committed Brand Journalism.

A devoted editor will be assigned to your account and will direct all internal activity on your behalf. Your editor will work with you and get world-class writers to pen posts and articles for you.

Posts - Begin Bound Brand Journalism Services


350-500 words
These keyword-targeting blogs are a great way to start a content strategy. They provide your voice and story on a consistent schedule for readers.

Articles - Begin Bound Brand Journalism Services


1,000-1,600 words
Search engine algorithms favor this content, and recent data suggests online readers attach to the storytelling and information at this length.

White Papers - Begin Bound Brand Journalism Services

White Papers

1,600-2,000 words.
White papers make nebulous ideas easy to understand and rank well on search engines. They are visually branded with your identity and are suited for both print and digital use.

eBooks - Begin Bound Brand Journalism Services


1,600-3,000 words.
Ebooks are stories with custom branded visuals that really drive traffic and encourage social media interaction with your brand. They show readers how to solve in-depth problems and/or how to utilize your brand.

Let Us Tell Your Story

Email or call us with a quick bio of what you do and how writing can help your site. We’ll help you choose the right brand journalism package or we’ll customize one for you.

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