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Enhance your Hubspot Templates and Landing Pages with our custom modules.

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Google Translator Hubspot Custom Module by Begin Bound, LLC

Google Translator Custom Module

Add all language translations powered by Google to any Hubspot Template or Landing Page.

Dynamic Title Custom Module

Create dynamic titles with interchangeable words that replace one another through various CSS transitions.

Text Reveal Custom Module

Reveal text on your web page with a slick, timed module that reveals a few letters at a time when your page loads.


More Coming Soon!

What is a Custom Module?

Add modules to any page, as many times as you want, and they will work with no coding required!

Custom Modules are essentially just like Plugins for WordPress, where you add a plugin and it can change a style, add a function, or add a new feature to your pre-existing theme or template. Begin Bound has created these custom modules so that you can add them to any Hubspot template currently on your site and they will adapt to your styling and function consistently across the board.

How Does it Work?

Step 1

You purchase a Hubspot Custom Module from our Website.

Step 2

We transfer the Module and necessary files to your Hubspot Account*

Step 3

Your custom module will be available to use in the Design Manager under “Custom Modules.”

*We require “Marketer” access to your Hubspot Account to be able to transfer the files to your portal. Details will be sent via Email following purchase.

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