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Hubspot Custom Modules

Enhance your Hubspot CMS Templates and Web Pages with our custom modules.

Our HubSpot Custom Module Products

YouTube Vimeo Popup Module - $15

Grab the URL of any YouTube or Vimeo video and the module will create a beautiful popup for it on any HubSpot CMS web page. Never struggle with iframe embeds again!

ULTIMATE FAQ Module - $10

An FAQ Module with enough style options to match any HubSpot CMS website design or page. All the hard work is done, just click and publish!

Ultimate PopUp Wizard - $25

Easily add a popup that is triggered by a custom button for any HubSpot Form, Video, PDF, iframe, or Image. Add it to any HubSpot page where you want the button to show up – NO CODING REQUIRED!

ULTIMATE Feature Box Icon with Hover - $5

When you need a beautiful, customizable feature box to highlight your products, features, services, etc, make this your go-to solution!

UpNext Video Carousel - $15

Add this module to any page to display an unlimited series of videos in a beautiful carousel that automatically previews the next video in the series. All videos are viewed in a popup, too!

Age Verification Gate - $25

An easy way to put an opt-in gate for age, marketing, etc, on any HubSpot CMS webpage that creates a custom cookie – NO CODING REQUIRED!

What is a Hubspot Custom Module?

Add modules to any page, as many times as you want, and they will work with no coding required!

Custom Modules are essentially just like Plugins for WordPress, where you add a plugin and it can change a style, add a function, or add a new feature to your pre-existing theme or template. Begin Bound has created these custom modules so that you can add them to any Hubspot template currently on your site and they will adapt to your styling and function consistently across the board.

How Does it Work?

Step 1

You purchase a Hubspot Custom Module from the Marketplace.

Step 2

The module is automatically transfered to the Hubspot Account you are logged into at the time of purchase.

Step 3

Your custom module will now be available to use in the Design Manager under “Custom Modules.”

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